Joyce Carol Oates: Black Dahlia & White Rose

Joyce Carol Oate’s Black Dahlia & White Rose is a collection of 11 short stories, which starts off with Black Dahlia & White Rose. Based on a true unsolved murder mystery, Black Dahlia relays a first-person account of two young girls, Elizabeth Short and Marilyn Monroe (yes, Marilyn Monroe), aspiring to stardom. It answers questions such as how one became the unfortunate victim of brutal murder, while the other rose to fame.

Despite raving reviews, I didn’t find all of the stories in the collection interesting to read. But, in addition the cover story, I did enjoy reading I.D. and Deceit. I.D. revolves around the experience of a middle school student in New Jersey who is asked to identify the body of a woman who may possibly be her blackjack dealing mother. Similarly Deceit also centers around a parent-child relationship. It presents the case of how a mother finds out that her daughter has been physically abused.


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