Film: Flying with You 一起飞

Flying with You is not my first Chinese movie (Wong Kar Wai!), but it is the first Chinese movie I’ve watched since learning Chinese. Starring Korean singer/actress Jang Na-ra and Chinese actor Jimmy Lin, this romantic comedy will not have you rolling on the floor laughing. Still, it’s not bad (不錯); watchable I’d say.

Baby comes from a wealthy family and lived in South Korea for a while, so her Chinese is not “native.” When she returns to China,Baby accidentally catches a robber and becomes good friends with the victim, Lin Yuxin. Yuxin arrived on the same day to look for her boyfriend, whom Baby promises to help find. In the meantime, Yuxin is invited to stay with Baby. That same day, Baby is “kidnapped” by a former solider who is now a flier, Xu Yifan. They end up spending a night in the woods together until they are found by the police who Baby’s boyfriend, Xiao Han, has hired.

Overall, it’s a cute movie. However, I’d say the plot is a little dry. I mean, there is drama, but the drama is played out in an intense way. In fact, the drama is glossed over and focuses more on the romance developing between Baby and Yuxin. Nonetheless, I think it’s a good movie for Chinese learners. Although I couldn’t understand everything, the actors didn’t speak in the usual light-speed way Chinese people in N.Y. seem to speak. So, I was actually able to catch a few words and phrases I’ve learned so far.



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