Finding free e-books

I’m still old -fashioned in that I love to read books in their physical form. But living in a crazy city like New York where I’m constantly commuting, I find e-books more convenient at times. So, today, I wanted to share some sources that provide free e-books.

  1. General EBooks – This is the one I use most. They have millions of free e-books as well as e-books you can buy online. You can search directly or browse through their collection, but honestly it’s much more convenient to search directly. There is a brief synopsis of each book as well as user reviews!
  2. ePub Bud – Another great source for easy to download free e-books. Once again, there is a search function. Usually, if I can’t find something on General EBooks, I come here hoping they will have it!
  3. Freebooksy – They upload a free e-book at least once a day. The book is typically free for that day only, but you can sign up for email updates. There is no search function, but you can browse by category.
  4. Smashwords – If you’re anything like me, you like to read through at least the first quarter of a book before you decide you want to invest in it. Well, this site is perfect for such sifting! There are free e-books, but you can also free portions of books for sale so you can get a feel for it before you purchase.

Are there more free e-book sources out there?



  1. Since you have already started to post book reviews, you can use your blog to show that you are a “Professional Reader”. That will allow you to join and maybe edelweiss ( Both sites have books that you can download without first being approved, but you need to be approved for most books. Nearly all of the books were obtained that way. Join and you can try to win free paper books.

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