About me


“Books belong to their readers.” – John Green 

Reading used to be intimidating. The thought of having to read between the lines was a chore that took out the fun of simply reading a book. But now I just read to enjoy. I read at the gym; I read on my couch; I read on commutes;  I read when I’m bored. Reading has become a lifestyle and blogging about the book I read has helped make it that way!

In addition to reading, I love learning the Chinese language. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience so far and I hope to become fluent. As a city dweller, I also have the wonderful opportunity to go play watching, eat great food, attend food festivals, and enjoy artwork displayed at numerous galleries.

I am also an adventerous traveler with a strong  interest in different cultures. Maybe that’s why I like reading books about different countries and ethnic groups. Future plans include trips abroad to East Asia, Turkey, and Thailand as well as grad school in a place with warm weather.


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