Online Portfolio [mobile]


An online portfolio I created to experiment with a simple monochromatic design scheme. I also wanted to gain experience in coding a single page site for mobile.

Check it out:


Dare to Win

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An interactive web narrative that addresses the issue of eating disorders among teen athletes in the U.S. This site seeks to raise awareness and increase knowledge among young athletes about eating disorders by taking them through the interactive experience of developing disordered eating and an eating disorder, struggling with it, and getting help. This site is scenerio based and the narrative is based on the stories of three athletes who have previously struggled with eating disorders. The three athletes represent three different genders — female (Dagny Knutson), male (Patrick Bergstrom), and LBGTQ (Diane Israel) — and three different sports categories: swimming, lacrosse, and running. Also, the interaction is meant to resemble games, in which 1 decision leads to a consequence.

“On the Go” Bathroom App

Proof of concepts (Comps):

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A proof of concepts for a bathroom locator app, “On the Go,” designed by both Monica Yuen, a fellow media student, and myself. This app is purposed to create a fluid map of public bathrooms in New York City. It provides helpful data such as the locations of bathrooms closest to the user, restrictions such as the need to purchase, anonymous reviews on cleanliness, “traffic reports” regarding average wait times during specific points of the day, opening and closing times of the facilities, handicap accessibility, and other assorted notes and tips about the location.

The Wireframes:

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Annahouse Prototype

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Screenshots from a prototype (mobile–friendly via media queries) created for a small community group called “Annahouse” in Kansas City, MO. They primarily serve single-parents in their community by providing free services such as access to their food pantry and clothing. They also have programs for neighborhood children, which include: tutoring, a club for girls, meals, access to a computer and music equipment, field trips, etc. Thus, the target audiences of this site are: potential “clients” (i.e. parents), volunteers, and donors.

85 Main Web Re-design

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A redesign of an existing site for a restaurant in Putnam, Conneticut: 85 main. The original site forced users to download pdfs to view the menu, which is undoubtedly an inconvenience. Thus, the redesign allows users to view the menu without having to download anything. I also chose closers that would highlight the restuarant’s use of organic ingredients. The images used in this redesign were found on Google. I didn’t use the images that were originally on the 85main site due to poor quality.

Some screenshots of the original:

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